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Have you heard about If you haven't, you will. Teachers get FREE stuff! One of our teachers at Barstow Elementary is getting 6 ball chairs for FREE! FREE!!!

Be sure to check out this site. You only need to give a short description of what you need and the type of students you service, about a paragraph or two and you can get FREE stuff!

This site was featured on Oprah. People donate money to the site so the money can be used to get materials for teachers in public schools.

I took pictures last Friday.. I took them from behind the kids so they won't be identified... Can't wait to post my wants....

I posted on last week. Was talking to Kathy Hogen and she said try to keep it around $200 and it's more likely to be funded. Went back to see if I could edit and decrease the order but you can't once it is already posted. I did the $800. limit. No donations yet.

Sherri Clixby shared information for this site- think math alt-msa
It will create shapes, number lines, graph paper, spinners, tessalations.
It allows you to choose size, range, labels, etc. and put it right on a PFD or JPEG and print it out.
I wish we had this when we were designing our ALT MSA tests.