Calvert County Public Schools has a job posting for a 4 day a week OT position. You can view the posting on the CCPS website under the employment tab. OTs are on the same pay scale as teachers and you can find that posting listed under teachers positions. We receive health care benefits and state retirement.

This page was created to network and share ideas with other school-based occupational therapists.
There are PowerPoint presentations, links, and some of my favorite activities, products, and ideas on this page.
Please fill free to use the power point presentations to train other professionals in your county.

Be sure to print out the powerpoint notes pages for extra tips

This is a form used in our county for teachers to request intervention from their school-based OT online seminars, examples below, go to site for full list
10 Ways to Use Movement for Student Success one hour online seminar for 1 CEU
10 Ways to Improve Focus & Attention in the Classroom $29.99 1 CEU

OT 4 Me

This is a great kid friendly site for explaining OT to children

MeMoves Newly released in January of 2010, combination of music and movement DVD/CD- works well for autism, ADHD, moderate/severe/profound disabilities, we are currently using in our functional skills and ISLE programs.

Teachers are loving the results and the eaze of using the program. Just started using the LifeMoves program in one of our co-taught classrooms at the high school level.

ABC News report and interview of the creator of MeMoves

Youtube MeMoves being used in the classroom

Youtube video of itune app for MeMoves

FYI- Just released November 13, 2011 LifeMoves, an adolescent/senior product developed by the makers of MeMoves for use with adolescents or adults in skilled nursing facilities, alzheimer units, mental health facilities etc.

Be sure to tell your colleagues who work with these populations.

Ready Bodies Learning Minds

Athena Oden Physical Therapist-Creator of Ready Bodies Learning Minds

My favorite grip helpers

Grotto Grip
Crossover grip
Jumbo Big Grip
Twist N Write pencil

Ideas for Make and Takes

Binder Slant Board

This easy to make slant board needs only a 4 inch binder, a clipboard and adhesive velcro.
The binder provides for storage of special paper, pencil pouch with pencil and grip, highlighters etc.
This was particularly helpful for one of my students who has great difficulty with organization.
This poker chip activity works on fine-motor strengthening while being educationally relevant. Students strengthen their hands and fingers while learning to sequence and recognize letters. To make this activity you will need poker chips (use one color for consonants and another for vowels) adhesive dots with alphabet written on them, tag board, adhesive velcro, contact paper (laminator plastic will begin to separate from the tag board over time) and a plastic container with a slotted lid. Use a permanent marker to mark the slit on the underside of the lid (the poker chips will rub off the marker if on top). I use the Signature Soup containers from Safeway. The containers have just enough flexibility so the lids don’t split when you cut the slit. My students love the Leap Frog Frig Phonics and learn all the letter sound songs.
This is a handle from a quart plastic milk container. This works well for students who have limited hand use. Quart size works for little hands and gallons for larger hands. Primary crayons fit best and you can cut down paint brushes. A little dycem helps the crayons, paint brushes or eating utensils stay put in the handle.

Use a heavy material, a zig zag stitch
and various sized buttons to make these pre-buttoning kits.